Content Library question - Image

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Before 9.4, an option called 'Show Image' needs to be selected to display an image.
In Design, the Content Library question has a 'Image' option, allowing the designer to display an image in their web form in an appropriate location.

Click on the Content Item and a dialogue box will be displayed.
The desired image can be filtered by Name, Category, and Content Folder.
Click Search to select the desired image.

When the project is run in Produce, the image is rendered (of thumbnail size) and cannot be edited.

The size of the image can be altered inside the Content Library answer as show below.

  1. If the content library question is mapped to a placeholder, it is replaced with the image (of original size) from the Content Library.  
  2. Alternative Text, if configured in design, can be viewed in the generated document.

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