Release Notes - Infiniti 8.7.0

Applies to Infiniti v8.7.0 or later....
Introduction: Infiniti 8.7.0
Infiniti by Intelledox helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Infiniti, by Intelledox, seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Compuware Changepoint. Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticatd rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 8.6.5).

Infiniti 8.7.0 features
Infiniti 8.7.0 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti V8.6.5:

Optional EULA prompt for Produce
Infiniti V 8.7.0 now supports an EULA for each new user session in Produce. This works for both 'Forms' and 'SAML' authentication. Windows authenticated sites handle a direct pass through depending on the logged in user's AD credentials - hence in this instance, the EULA will not be displayed in Produce. 
Additional Release Notes
The following updates and enhancements have been made in this version of Infiniti (V8.6.5):
  • "Address prompt" questions are now supported in repeating pages and sections"Data source - Search" questions are now supported in repeating pages and sections and as a child of columns and tab pages.
  • Page Id's are no longer visible in Design.
  • A "Support Licence Key" has now been introduced. It notifies customers when support for the Infiniti instance has expired.
  • Data Source filtering is now available in Offline Mode (Does not work with user filters).
  • Activity indicator for changing page and tabs on mobile devices .
  • "Document Content" and "Document Layout" project types are now just called "Content and Layout".
  • Custom html: Spaces are now allowed in "class" attribute areas.
  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) Enterprise Mode is now supported.
  • Thai language resources added for "Rich Text" editor tooltips and labels (web).
  • Unique constraint is now added to the "User Name" column of the "Infiniti User" table - Prevents the addition of duplicate usernames.
  • Print action prevents multiple prints from occurring at the same time.
  • launching large forms - Memory usage reduced by 75%.
  • Improved performance of adding generated documents to the database.
  • Improved performance of custom HTML scanning for simple tags.
  • Improved performance of handling wizard page changes.
  • Improved login page load performance - reduced size by one megabyte (1MB).
  • Improved performance of loading group logic questions from an answer file.
  • Fixed performance problem with editing large data objects in Manage.
  • Improved performance of creating data columns from xsd's in XML data sources.

Defect and Issue resolution list
The following list of items, that existed up-to the latest version of V 8.6.5, have been fixed in this release of Infiniti (V 8.7.0):
  • 7582 - MTMP: If the user clicks on the import button multiple times (to import default tenant projects), it imports the same project multiple times into the new tenancy.
  • 7922 - IPAD: Validator doesn't display the error message when set conditions is are not met.
  • 7927 - Actions: The "Fixed Value" textbox data truncates after a certain limit (32767  characters).
  • 7950 - Windows client: When there are two or more columns, asterisk symbol for mandatory field do not appear.
  • 7951 - iPad client: html <br> tag that are added to question text fields appear in the client UI as static text.
  • 7996 - "User prompts" set to Currency - Display issues when 'default values' are predefined.
  • 8001 - Responses report not showing parameters used.
  • 8003 - WCAG: Logo images uses the same alt text as the link that surrounds it.
  • 8004 - WCAG:  Text "Help" has been added to the html link so that screen readers will pick it up.
  • 8006 - Same page references: When tabbing  out of the last question, focus is not restored  to the correct point in the form.
  • 8007 - Nested Word lists lose formatting when a bookmark is removed from a single paragraph in the template.
  • 8012 - When web and data base servers current time differs, projects look like they finish before they were started.
  • 8014 - Download of content item binary times out with a large number of items selected.
  • 8016 - WCAG: Question text can appear in a label without a "for" attribute.
  • 8023 - Login page doesn't fit on a small screen device (phone).
  • 8030 - WCAG - "Rich Text Box" editable text is too small.
  • 8033 - Content Library: Doc Fragments - "Find in question set" not working in Design.
  • 8035 - "Contacts" and "Repeat section" csv export does not support unicode characters.
  • 8036 - Contacts csv export: Image Custom fields that were missing data caused all successive fields to be offset by one column in the CSV file.
  • 8051 - Clicking the "repeating section export" option brings up the "confirm navigation" dialog box.
  • 8058 - Using an xml file with invalid characters causes a crash at document generation.
  • 8086 - Custom field change not being recognised in answer files saved prior to the addition of the field even though it is showing in the user interface.
  • 8092 - Group Logic: Multiple Select - Incorrectly defaulting when loading from an Answer File.