Adding an EULA to the Produce home page for initial login

Applies to Infiniti v8.7.0 or later

Produce can be configured to present new users with an "EULA" (End-User Licence Agreement), which must be accepted prior to using the system.


To configure the EULA for Produce sessions, follow these steps:

  • Log into Manage, then go to 'Settings':


  • Check the "Require EULA" box and enter the relevant EULA text in the "End User License Agreement field". The text can be entered with HTML formatting; this allows for paragraph breaks and headings if required:


  • Click the 'Save' button

Now, when a user logs into Infiniti using either 'SAML' or 'Forms' authentication, they will be forced to accept the configured EULA to proceed.

See the example below:


Points to remember

  • The EULA is only supported in SAML and Forms Authentication environments, as Windows authentication bypasses the check
  • EULA text/contents can also be defined using HTML
  • A button is also provided to reset all previous EULA acceptances (which can be useful when the EULA is updated and users need to agree to the new version)

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