Text output formats: Setting an Infiniti instance to default to "Document" or "HTML" output formats

Product Feature - Available in Infiniti v8.6.5.9 or later

When inserting rich text into a document, there are two ways in which the text can be formatted:

  • Document format
  • HTML format

Document format

With the “Document format” setting, the text inherits the styles of the Word document that it's being inserted into. By default, a new Infiniti instance uses the “Document format” behavior. To confirm this is the case, open the Produce web.config file and check that the following line exists in the <appSettings> section:

<add key="UseOldFormatForHtmlInsert" value="true" />

If it does NOT exist, the Infiniti instance will use the “document format” option. If it DOES exist, then do one of the following if the “Document format” setting is desired for the Infiniti instance:

  • Remove the line from the web.config file;
  • Alter the line to read - <add key="UseOldFormatForHtmlInsert" value="false" />

HTML format

With the “HTML format” option, the text will adopt the default HTML styling. This styling will add a 12 point spacing before the paragraphs inserted by a rich text box. Please note that the spacing doesn't apply to the first paragraph (this is in line with Infiniti v8.4 functionality).

A new Infiniti Instance is NOT defaulted to this option. Consequently, the Produce web.config will need to be altered to enforce HTML formatting.

To turn HTML Format on, add the following line to the <appSettings> section of the Produce web.config:

<add key="UseOldFormatForHtmlInsert" value="true" />