Broken placeholder tags will show in design as invalid placeholders

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Open and close (Repeating) tag placeholders need to match in the document for the generation to work successfully for example {{#Tag}} {{/Tag}}. Invalid tags cannot be used in the Project. For example, two open tags and one close tag {{#2Opens1Close}} {{/2Opens1Close}}{{#2Opens1Close}}.

These “broken” tags will show in Design as an invalid placeholder and will not be able to be used in the project.

The below example shows a project that has the following invalid placeholder tags;

  • {{#OpenWithoutClose}}
  • {{/CloseWithoutOpen}}
  • {{#2Opens1Close}}{{/2Opens1Close}}{{#2Opens1Close}}
  • {{#1Open2Closes}}{{/1Open2Closes}}{{/1Open2Closes}}


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