Release Notes - Infiniti 8.6.4

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.4 or later

Infiniti v8.6.4

Infiniti by Intelledox helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Infiniti, by Intelledox, seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Compuware Changepoint. Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticatd rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 8.6.3). 

Infiniti 8.6.4 features
Infiniti 8.6.4 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti V8.6.3:

'GenerateWithData' now supports generation by 'Version number' and 'Date'

The 'GenerationOptions' object, that gets passed to 'GenerateWithData', now has two new properties - 'Version' and 'GenerationDateUtc'. These can be used to define a version of the project to generate instead of the published version.

Note the following behavior patterns:

  • If neither property is defined (the default behavior), the web service will generate as normal - using the currently published version of the project.

  • If 'GenerationDateUtc' is defined, then the "version of the project and its content items" saved at a date-and-time that occurs just before the 'GenerationDateUtc' value, will be used when generating the project.

  • If 'Version' is defined, the 'GenerationDateUtc' value will be ignored. Instead, Infiniti will find the date that the indicated 'Version' of the Content project was saved. That date will then be used when determining the appropriate date of the content items/layout to load at generation time.

This information is also available at :

Match Project Version - A new option

When publishing a project, there is a new option ('Match project version’) available when loading “In Progress forms” on the Publish options tab. See the diagram below:

If this option is turned on, then a project can be relaunched with the version that was initially loaded when running the workflow/answer file at a specific time.
This also means that documents generated, will be the same document that would have been generated at the time the answer file was saved.

This option also works for Content items.  

Additional information on the 'Match Project Verion' flag is available at:;

Support for JSON DataSource Type

Infiniti now supports JSON file format for data sources. It is much like a simpler xml structure and has become popular with web based services.

The information below has been included as an example to illustrate the differences between XML and JSON. This was sourced from Wikipedia (


JavaScript Object Notation, is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML.


JSON example:
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "age": 25,
    "address": {
        "streetAddress": "21 2nd Street",
        "city": "New York",
        "state": "NY",
        "postalCode": "10021"
    "phoneNumber": [
        "type": "home",
        "number": "212 555-1239"
        "type": "fax",
        "number": "646 555-4567"
    "gender": {
      "type": "male"


XML example:
      <streetAddress>21 2nd Street</streetAddress>
      <city>New York</city>
      <phoneNumber type="home">212 555-1234</phoneNumber>
      <phoneNumber type="fax">646 555-4567</phoneNumber>


Further info can be found at (


In Infiniti V8.6.4 onwards, JSON data sources only support the hierarchical setup for nested repeating items.

Additional information on configuring a JSON DataSource is available at:


References to uploaded file contents in 'hex' and 'base64' format

Actions, data source, and other references, can now access the uploaded file contents in content library questions.


In the same way that the filename can be accessed, there are now "hex" and "base64" references that is useful for passing the file onto third party systems..

Example:  [q1.hex] and [q1.base64]. 


Note: When there has been no file uploaded to the question then the result is a blank string.

This information is also available at :

SAML login: Now for Windows, IOS clients and Multi-Tenant environments
SAML authentication can now be used in Multi-Tenant environments as well as on the mobile devices(Windows and IOS clients).

Following are the steps that needs to be followed in order to configure SAML authentication in a multi-tenant environment and on mobile devices.

  • Set up SAML as you usually would in a single tenant environment;

  • You now have to access the produce URL with the business unit identifier. For example, with business unit identifier of 12345 you would load this URL http://localhost/infiniti/produce/b/12345.

 In a multi-tenant environment, if you load the URL without the business unit identifier, you will be directed to the 'forms login' page.

Once you load a SAML produce instance, a cookie is stored and will be used to redirect you to the SAML login. This is an important note as if you want to go back to the 'forms login', you will have to logout of your SAML instance as well as clearing all cookies.


Additional information is available at :

Configuring SAML with SalesForce:

Repeating Sections/Pages: Minimum and Maximum rows can now use question reference
For 'repeating pages' and 'repeating sections', it is now possible to use question references to define what the maximum and minimum values will be. 


Please take note of the following while designing forms using question references for minimum and maximum values in repeating pages/sections:

In Design, the following verification is performed:

  • The Maximum and Minimum row values are both numbers greater than zero OR both start with "[";

  • Verification that one is greater than the other is only done if they are both numbers, not references;

  • Incomplete question references (eg: [q) will evaluate to the value 0;

  • "Show minimum rows on startup" only works at STARTUP. The repeater will load its rows when it is created (usually when the wizard is launched), so if a minimum rows question reference is updated, it will not create/delete rows from the repeater;

  • Question references that result in something that isn't a number will be treated as if there is no minimum/maximum;

  • Blank entries for Minimum and Maximum will be accepted. They will be evaluated to indicate NO mimimum or maximum value set;

  • The references will be checked during project validation, and will be found when doing Find Dependencies.

Additional information is available at :

Additional Release Notes
The following updates and enhancements have been made in this version of Infiniti (V8.6.4)

  • Design - Project validation errors now contains the failed reference, the action/custom question name and the attribute/input; 

  • Improved performance of 'parent - single select - hidden data source' questions;

  • Better error message when importing projects (with data sources) into an instance that does not permit additional data source creation (example: Instances with a Basic License);

  • Confirmation prompt when abandoning an incomplete wizard;

  • Aspose.Words updated to Version 14.7;

  • Deleted user's names will now be displayed against history items;

  • Culture support included for keywords occurring in field text on Design (currently support question references);

  • Accents/diacritics are ignored when searching for items by name;

  • 'Multi-Tenant Management Portal' (MTMP) now includes the version number (similar to Manage) (;

  • 'Multi-Tenant Management Portal' (MTMP) - The Default tenant is now editable (

Defect and Issue resolution list
The following list of items, that existed up-to the latest version of V 8.6.3, have been fixed in this release of Infiniti (V 8.6.4):

  • 7649 - Design: Project validation does not check for references to other actions;

  • 7731 - Manage: The 'workflow' menu option does not disappear when the workflow license key is deleted;

  • 7734 - The 'enforce password expiry' option doesn't initialized to zero this setting is unticked and saved;

  • 7741 - Negative aggregate data filters are not returning the correct results;

  • 7746 - Broken references not detected for via the validation tab;

  • 7747 - Broken references not detected on the Escalation properties attributes;

  • 7755 - Mobile Clients: when encrypt data is enabled, data source projects dont work;

  • 7756 - ipad: In multirow DataSources, none of the records are selected when display type is set to 'search';

  • 7757 - ipad: DataSource reference set in 'repeat title' property of a page doesn't get evaluated;

  • 7758 - ipad: Delete button appears when there is only one page and shows no description in the message bubble;

  • 7753 - Mobile clients: Validation messages do not appear for the mandatory ink question type;

  • 7761 - Produce: Forms assigned to 'Me' and Forms Assigned to 'My groups' share the same state for expand/collapse;

  • 7778 - When the user tries to copy all-of/any-of conditions on rules tab or tries to paste from rules tab, only all/any word gets copied not the entire logic;

  • 7781 - Validtion Quesiton: Validations do not cut and paste in Design;

  • 7810 - Scheduler timing problems when the current time settings on the web server and database server differ;

  • 7822 - Workflow history missing "Locked by user" after an unlocked completion;

  • 7824 - Date user prompts and data drop downs have mis-aligned warning text compared to other questions.