JSON data source

Product Feature - Applies to Infiniti v8.6.4 or later.
Please note that from Infiniti v9 onwards Key Field has been renamed Filter Field.
Infiniti supports the JSON file format for data sources.

JSON Data Source

The connection string format has a "schema" and a "json" part to it. "schema" points to the schema file in draft v4 syntax and "json" points to your data file. (eg "schema=c:\temp\products.schema.json;json=c:\temp\products.json" )

Data object Name is not used and any value can be entered.
Display fields start with a "$" which just indicates the root of the data, "[]" indicates that this item is repeated.
Filter fields are any path that is not the repeat path itself (ends with "[]").
JSON data sources only support the hierarchical setup for nested repeating items.
Infiniti supports JSON schema draft v4

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