Upgrading an Infiniti instance with Encryption Flag

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.4 or later

 Upgrading an Infiniti Instance with the Encryption Flag set can affect data retrieval by projects viewed via mobile devices (Windows client, iPad). To ensure that projects with data sources perform normally on mobile devices after upgrade, follow one of the methods below:

Preferred method

(To migrate ALL projects in the Infiniti instance)
  1. Go to the target infiniti instance BEFORE upgrade occurs;
  2. Go to Manage-Settings-Security;
  3. De-Select Encrypt Data;
  4. Run the upgrade;
  5. Select Encrypt Data again.

Backup method

(Assuming the upgrade already occurred with Encrypt Data Selected/ON)
  1. After upgrade, open a project in Design;
  2. Make a small change in the project (eg - a spelling);
  3. Save the Project;
  4. Open the project again and reverse this chgange.

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