Design: validating a project

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

      Since Infiniti v8.6.4, the validation error in subject has been made more detailed (errors were not sufficiently detailed in prior versions).
  1. The validation error now contains the failed reference and the action/custom question name and the attribute/input which has the bad formula reference
  2. Also upon double-clicking on the validation error row, it now takes you to the exact attribute/input, rather than just highlighting the action/custom question.
In Design, it is always good practice to validate a project (check for errors) before saving and publishing a project in Produce. This reduces the risk of design errors that could compromise the behavior of the project in Produce.

In Design

In Design, an open project can be checked for design errors by clicking the "validate" button as shown below:

If errors exist in the project, a screen similar to the one below will be displayed. Design errors will be shown in a validation message box as indicated:

Double clicking any error message will highlight the area in the project where this error exists:

Once the error has been rectified, a second validation exercise will update this list. Once all errors are remedied, the following message will displayed - the project is now ready to be saved and published in Produce.