Saving an in progress form or workflow.

How To - Applies to Infiniti v8.6.4 onwards

When running a form in Produce, a point may be reached when the current progress of execution needs to be saved and resumed at a later point in time. This operation is referred to as an "In-Progress Save".  

Assume the a form is mid way through its execution cycle and an "In-Progress Save" is required. The following image shows what button needs to be pressed to created the "in-Progress Save File" (circled in red):

Clicking this button will then raise the following dialogue. By way of explanation, a sample title has been entered as shown below:

Click OK and the progress of the current execution will be saved - for resumption at a later time. In the Produce home page, this will appear on the home page, under the 'Forms Assigned to Me' section, as shown below:

Selecting this form will relaunch the incomplete form and restore control to the point at which the "in-Progress save" was carried out. This is shown below - compare the image below with the first one in this article:

When a user has performed an in progress save they will not be warned when leaving the form until they make further changes.