Match project version when loading in progress forms

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.4 or later


By default, Infiniti loads in progress forms by using the latest version of a Project. Sometimes, this isn't optimal behavior - for example, it may be desired that exactly the same questions are asked of different participants in a workflow. Or possibly the situation where a change might "break" an saved in progress form because the changes made to the project were too great.


The "Match Project Version" option allows control over how a project loads when it is loading from an existing workflow, answer file, or save in progress. If the option is off (the default), the project will load its latest definition. If the option is on, it will use the same version that was used when the workflow/answer file/in progress form was initiated. This also means that any documents generated will be the same document that would have been generated at that time.


This option is set when publishing a project:


Content Items

"Match Project Version" also works for content items. If an answer file/workflow is saved and then a content item in that project is changed, when that answer file/workflow is loaded, the content item will remain the same - i.e. the old version of the content item will be used. This means that if you do a generation and later load the saved answer file and do another generation, the documents produced will be same regardless of changes to the content items used in that project.

Version History

A project with "Match Project Version" turned on will not clear up their version history in the database. The 'Version History maximum' setting for that project will be ignored.
If it is turned off again then the 'version history maximum' setting will come back into effect. However some versions that you may have wanted kept (as they may still be in progress) may be cleaned up.

Mobile Apps

"Match Project Version" is applied to the mobile apps as well. In this case, when an answer file is synced to the app, the app will double check what version of the project is required for a particular workflow/answer file/in progress form. If the app doesn't have it, then the app will sync that version. Old versions of projects will not be removed from the app, so there may be a small increase in the size of the app's data.

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