Release Notes - Infiniti 8.6.3

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.3 or later
Introduction: Infiniti 8.6.3

Infiniti by Intelledox helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Infiniti, by Intelledox, seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Compuware Changepoint. Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticatd rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 8.6.2).

Infiniti 8.6.3 features

Infiniti 8.6.3 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti V8.6.2:

The "Create User Action"
Infiniti V8.6.3 introduces a new action (Infiniti User Action) that can be used to create new users or update existing user details in the Infiniti Instance.

New Infiniti installations or those upgraded to V 8.6.3, will now support a new Action type. This can be found in the web.config as an "Infiniti User" Action. It can be used to create or update users in the related Infiniti instance.

This new action supports the following inputs:

Mandatory inputs
  • Username: This field defines the username for the User.
  • Update Existing User (True|False): If a username is found matching the username passed in, then this flag defines whether or not that user will be updated with the new details. If the flag is 'True', the user is updated. If the flag is 'False' and a user is found the Action fails.
Optional inputs:
  • Display Info Messages in Manage (True|False): If this is 'True', then verbose messages, describing what the Action is doing, will be written to the Management log. This may be useful during testing of Projects.
  • Groups (1 per line): The user will be assigned to the Groups specified. These are Group names.
  • Custom Fields (1 per line): Specify any custom fields against the user. These are in the form of "name=value".
  • First Name/Last Name/Email/Address Details: Match up to the fields for a User.
  • Password: You may define a new password for the user being created/updated.
  • Reset Password (True/False): If 'True', a new password will be generated for the user. This flag will be ignored if the Password input is defined.
  • Reset Password on Next Login: Defines whether or not the user should reset their password the next time they log in.

This new action supports the following outputs:
  • User Id and Username of the user matched
  • Password - if a new password was assigned to the user, it will be returned here
  • Existing User - returns whether or not the user was already in the system.

Connector Settings
The following can be set via the connector settings:
  • Password Length: If a password is to be generated, it will be generated with this many characters
  • Minimum Number of non Alphanumeric Characters: If a password is to be generated it will have at least this many non alphanumeric characters

Infiniti product licensing updates
In addition to the existing trial licenses, added upon successful tenant provision, a few more have been added, These are listed below:
So the final list now looks like (The new ones have been marked):
  1. Basic V2 product license key with 30 day expiry
  2. Anonymous Project License for 10 projects
  3. Authenticated User Project License for 10 projects
  4. User License for 10 users
  5. Mobile App User License for 5 users with 30 day expiry (NEW).
  6. Anonymous Users module key with 30 day expiry (NEW).
  7. Workflow module key with 30 day expiry (NEW). 
On the Licensing page, the following additional fields can be configured (Manage -> Licensing AND MTMP -> Licensing pages):
  • The Mobile App User Count and how many have been used (similar to User Count)
  • In the text area, along with the License name and value, if there is an expiry date, that too will be displayed (similar to module licenses with an expiry date)
Additional information is available via the updated licensing article at :

Produce - "Assigned to Me" and "Assigned to my Groups" sections
The 'Forms Assigned To Me' section on the Produce homepage has now been divided logically into two sections.

"Forms Assigned to Me" Section
This section of the Produce Home Page will list all the tasks, currently in one of the states listed below: 
  • In-progress (saved)
  • Non-workflow tasks/projects" 
  • Workflow tasks directly assigned to the logged-in user 
  • Workflow tasks assigned to one of the groups to which the user belongs, which is currently locked by the logged-in user. 
"Forms Assigned to My Groups" Section
This section only lists the tasks that have been assigned to one of the groups to which the user belongs. Tasks, currently in one of the states listed below, will appear in this section: 
  • Which has not yet been started 
  • Which has been locked by any other user of the group. 
Additional information is available at :

Workflows - Introduction of a "Due date" field setting for each state
Design now supports a new section for each Workflow State (including the Start state).
In Design, the Due-Date setting has three options:
  • None - The due-date can be ignored and it will behave as if no due date was provided.
  • Due After - The number of days after which this state is due to be completed, starting from the date created. It is also possible to calculate the expected due-date to be as 'x' number of days or 'x' working days from the date-created by checking the 'Working Days' check box.
  • Date - Provision of a question reference to any appropriate question from the wizard.
In Produce, the homepage now displays a new column - 'Due Date'. Records are sorted on basis of the due-date in ascending order (null values are at the last) and then sorted based on date-created in ascending order. If there are no records having a due-date, this column will not be not displayed.

Additional information is available at :

Version numbers - Updated Content items
When a Content Item is updated, all Projects with that Content Item get a new version number. There are 2 scenarios to be taken into account:
  • Content Approval set to "Off": Update a Content Item. In the version history for that project, a new major version number and a comment will be displayed.
  • Content Approval set to "On": Update a Content Item. In the version history for that project, a new major version number and a comment will only be displayed after the update has been approved.
Additional information is available at :

Manage - Viewing workflow "task history"
It is now possible to view the history associated to each workflow task. This is available in the "Manage->Workflow" screen:

A new column is with a 'history icon' is now displayed for each workflow task. Clicking the history icon will display the Task History screen. 

This screen displays the history of the particular workflow task, and is similar to the 'Form Activity ->Show History' page in Produce.

The following information is now available for each transition of each task:
  • State
  • Date Created
  • Assigned To: (Group name / Full User name / Username)
  • Date Completed
Additional information is available at :

Additional Updates and Enhancements
The following updates and enhancements have been made in this version of Infiniti (V8.6.3)
  • [Security] Cookie cannot be used after log-out from Produce 
  • Improved performance for bookmark locations with large tables
  • Improved performance for writing document text to a bookmark that starts and ends in the same position
  • Deleting a question set item in a large project caused UI flickering and was slow

Defect and Issue resolution list
The following list of items, that existed in Infiniti V8.6.0 and V8.6.2, have been fixed in this release of Infiniti (V 8.6.3):
  • 7659: Project editing permissions: User design projects with permission only for specific groups - The Design button doesn't appear
  • 7660: Possible to edit projects (from Design->Recent projects list) that were not assigned to the logged-in user's group
  • 7651: The Scheduler demonstrates issues handling certain non-xml files.
  • 7714: When the value of 'Time in seconds that an IP address will be blocked from logging on' setting is changed from default, message on login page shows the default value instead of the new value
  • 7720: The Rich Text Box has lost its 'Text Rows' Property
  • 7725: Filename mismatch until a postback occurs for an upload question
  • 7727: Cannot use the 'Save As' option when using a layout template
  • 7679 - Crash occurs on Content Item "Related Projects" screen
  • 7651 - The Scheduler does not handle non-xml files well.
  • 7725 - A filename mismatch occurs until a postback occurs for an upload question.
  • 7727 - Cannot use the 'Save As' option when using a layout template.
  • 7740 - Launching a wizard externally with the wrong id will show a page error.
  • 7749 - [Security] XSS on folderguid parameter to ContentLibrary.aspx
  • 7751 - [Security] XSS with data source password and test connection feature.
  • 7752 - [Security] XSS with Manage workflow reassign on a username.
  • 7769 - When there is no workflow license key present, accessing the 'Form activity' page (using previously saved url) throws a server error.
  • 7770 - User can access the 'reassign page' (via previously saved url) even when no workflow key is present.
  • 7784 - WCF web service data sources with parameters failed.
  • 7785 - SAML session timeout with anonymous user is enabled.