[Upgrade Warning] : References to unselected Group Logics resolve to ""

Resolved from  (Read item for history on affected versions)...

In version, onwards, all references to a Group Logic that hasn’t been selected will resolve to “”, regardless of what formula they’re being used in. This may have consequences on the behavior of projects setup in prior version of Infiniti. Please read the following historical description to determine elements of risk that may need to be rectified/resolved. For the purpose of this description, the IsEqual function is used as an example.... 
  •  In Infiniti versions prior to V 8.4.0, comparisons were made based on a zero in the formula (Isequal([q1], "0"));
  •  In Infiniti versions 8.4.0 and 8.5 (up to, a change was made so "" was used instead of the zero (Isequal([q1], ""));
  •  From Infiniti versions to, this was reverted back to "0", so as to ensure backward compatibility of earlier client projects (Isequal([q1], "0"));
  •  Unfortunately, we've found that in a number of instances, Designers used the 8.4 version of the function and therefore if they upgrade it will now break for them.

Therefore, Intelledox has had to make the difficult decision of which behavior to support in the future. The decision has been to adopt the "" approach -  that "" is the correct result and therefore that is how the reference will resolve on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, for many instances, this requires a manual upgrade of projects to ensure that they still behave in the same fashion.

The suggested upgrade process is as follows:
  • Search all .xtf files in the system for the following expression: "0"). Intelledox can provide a script to perform this search.
  • For each instance of the expression, check to see the purpose of the formula. If it is to determine that a Group Logic has not been selected, then the "0" should be changed to a "".
  • This process should be followed for any upgrade to versions or higher, and or higher.
  • The process may be skipped if upgrading from 8.4 or 8.5 lower than


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