Workflows - Configuring "Due Date(s)' for each transition

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.3 or later


The due date for each transition (including the Start state) is configured in Design as follows:

The "Due Date" feature has 3 options which are described as follows:

State 1: NONE

In this state, the the entire due date functionality is bypassed for the said workflow state. This setting chosen as a default setting for all new workflow states.


Setting the "Days(s) after transition" to a numeric value will trigger the "Due date" to be displayed based on this numeric setting.
See the examples below:
- Transitions date = 01/Jun/2014 (01/06/2014); Day(s) after transition = 2; Due date = 03/Jun/2014 (03/06/2014);
- Transitions date = 01/Jun/2014 (01/06/2014); Day(s) after transition = 0; Due date = 01/Jun/2014 (01/06/2014);
- The working days Only check box will only use dates that fall on Monday through to Friday for these calculations;
State 3: DATE
The Date setting uses the standard Question reference for calculating the Due Date of a workflow transition;



In Produce, the "Date Due " column is displayed only if there is at least one Workflow state assigned to the user, with a due date configured. The workflow items are sorted by 'date due' - see the image below:
Note: Once the current date has passed the due date displayed, no additional action will be executed by default. If escalations are required, they will have to be configured separately in Design, as standard workflow escalations.

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