Release Notes - Infiniti 8.6.2

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.2 onwards

Introduction: Infiniti 8.6.2

Infiniti by Intelledox helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Infiniti by Intelledox seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Compuware Changepoint. Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticatd rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers enhanced functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 8.6.0).

Infiniti 8.6.2 features

Infiniti 8.6.2 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti V8.6.0:

Multi Series Charts
The existing charting feature only supported a single series chart being displayed as an Infiniti chart.

Often charts are used to compare two or more different ranges like "sales per month for the last 5 years". 

In Design, when the user clicks  the series button, a new window will be displayed in which the user  can configure what series exist in the chart. There will always be one by default and the last series can not be deleted. Series can be added, edited or deleted.

Adding a new series or editing an existing series will display the existing series edit window with a couple of new controls:
  • The chart type has moved from the chart properties to the series. Each series can display a different type, like combining a column with a line graph. 
  • Data label - New setting that controls whether a chart will display values on the bar or the pie piece and which value will be used (Value or Category).
Note: 3D support is included with the multi-series charts feature.
Additional information is available at :


GeoLocation Question Type

This new question type has been introduced to capture the latitude and longitude of the current user, typically using a mobile device out in the field.

The question only has one additional property called "High Accuracy". If this is on then the GPS will be used in the device - if available. If it is off or there is no GPS available then 'mobile tower triangulation' or 'IP address known locations' will be used. This depends on the browser's logic and are in order of accuracy. IP addresses will mostly just display the center of the town the user is currently in.

Geolocation answers have a field property which selects which part of the coordinates are required. Options are "Latitude,Longitude", "Latitude" or "Longitude". The first option is the standard notation for coordinates and can be passed directly to other systems like Google maps. This option will also not be formatted in the users culture for numbers it will always be in the format "0.0,0.0"

Additional information is available at :

INK question - Background image upload/resize

Photos taken on devices are quite large. When they are uploaded as an Ink background they are too big to be usable and will stretch the page right off the screen.

In Design, a new checkbox is added on an Ink question - that enables the resizing of uploaded images. It only becomes enabled when the allow background upload is checked.

When checked the resize image properties panel will displayed to allow the user to set maximum widths and heights. The image itself is actually resized to fit these dimensions so that is also the size that will end up in the final document (unless additional answer level properties are applied).

Additional information is available at :


Workflows - Ability for Users to cancel assigned workflow items (only if enabled)
New option against a workflow state has been introduced. This ability controls whether a user, who has been assigned this workflow, can cancel/delete it in Produce.

Existing workflows will have this option "off" by default on all states. New workflows will have "Allow Cancellation" automatically enabled on the (Start) state but the other states will have it unchecked by default.

Produce will show a "Cancel" link next to the item if it can be deleted. If the user selects this option the workflow will be removed.

Additional information is available at :

Workflows - Escalations now allowed on "Start" state
With workflows, the (Start) state can now have escalations applied to it.
These escalations are activated when a user does an in progress save when first starting a workflow project or when you transition back to the (start) state. Other than that they function the same as other states.

Additional information is available at :

Customisable  "[ProjectLink]"
The following "parameters" can be used:
  • ProduceUrl - This will replace the Produce part of the URL (the Guids of the project and workflow will still be used appropriately). This will most frequently be used if you happen to have two sites pointing to the same database.
  • LinkText - This will replace the text of the link (ie the PROJECTNAME - STATENAME bit). 
  • ProjectName & StateName - These can be used to replace the PROJECTNAME and STATENAME parts of the link text.

Additional information is available at :

[ProjectUrl] tag for workflow transition actions
Similar to [ProjectLink], [Comments], [ProjectName], [StateName] and [AssigneeFullName]...

[ProjectUrl] can now be used for workflow transition actions (such as the email).

Additional information is available at :

Also refer to :

Current page's details are now included in preview
At some point during the filling in of a form in Produce, it may be beneficial to preview the expected document before "actually submitting / generating" the completed form. This has to be set up individually for each published form.

In previous versions, the preview action returned a sample document including details upto and including the previous page. This enhancement also forces the current page details to be included.

Additional information is available at :

Currency user prompt type
Infiniti 8.6.2 introduces a new user prompt type of "Currency". This differs from "Numeric" in that it will auto format the value with a currency symbol and grouping symbols.

This feature is modeled after the Excel currency cell formatting.

Additional information is available at :

Workflow management console enhancements
The following enhancements have been made to the workflow management console: 
  • The original "Created" columns have been renamed to "Assigned" to avoid confusion with the entire workflow creation date.
  • Username and date columns have been combined.
  • A new column - "Created" - has been added. This column contains  the workflow creation date and the person who is responsible for the next transition in the workflow.
  • The "Comment" column has been removed. Comments can now be viewed as a tooltip on the "I" icon next to the assigned person.
Additional information is available at :

Additional Updates and Enhancements
The following updates and enhancements have been made in this version of Infiniti (V8.6.2.xx)
  • Aspose.Words updated to Version 14.4.
  • Charting image quality improvement.
  • Support for - Filters that reference repeaters .
  • Data for client app stored in Answer Files for use when in offline mode.
  • "Home" menu item is no longer displayed when on the user is on the home screen.
  • Ability for "data driven repeating pages" to hide a blank entries when a project initially starts with zero rows.
  • Auto focus the first input for wizard page navigation
  • Right align numeric or currency user prompt option
  • Question help icon can be styled with css
  • Project validation will now find repeating actions with a deleted repeat
  • Multi Tenant Management Portal enhancements:
    • Listing of Tenant Admin email addresses
    • The type of tenant is now editable via the "edit tenant" page
    • Tenant Branding Logo
    • Adding trial licenses (Provisioning a tenant)
    • UserGuid's are now stored in a cookie

Defect and Issue resolution list
The following list of items, that existed in Infiniti V8.6.0, have been fixed in this release of Infiniti (V 8.6.2):
  • 7517 : When the user approves a content library item with a specific expiry date, the displayed content item expiry date was found to be incorrect.
  • 7502 : Import a Workflow project which is set to transition from one group to another group. In a NEW Infiniti instance, this project would continue to work even when the relevant transition groups were not created/available.
  • 7628 : Design - Clicking the expand option in a blank area of Design throws an exception
  • 7640 : Browser window resize:  Transitioning pages doesn't consistently take the user to the top of the form.
  • 7575 : Submit form page: When the submit page text was configured to display "Submitting Form ------>", the actual text displayed would change to "Submitting Form ------&gt".
  • 7584 : A Repeated Action doesn't work when there is more than 2 levels of nesting within the repeater.
  • 7630 : Design - Drag and drop operations with the Validator throws exception when you try to save the project.
  • 7564 : Scheduled projects: Documents created by scheduled project executions were not available via the document title link.
  • 7567 : Unable to retrieve workflow tasks that were assigned to a user that was subsequently deleted.
  • 7505 : The "User must change password at next logon" feature  could be by-passed on the next logon attempt.
  • 7547 : Use a license key with an expiry date. When the user now uses a license key with a different (or no expiry date), this change is not reflected.
  • 7579 : Validator Question: Converting the  "all of" to "any of" setting  does not trigger the save function (activate the "save" button).
  • 7581 : Base-64 images coming from an xml data-source, should apprear when the 'Data Convert' function is set to "Image".... Result is that it comes through blank.
  • 7620 : The 'Action Fixed Value Field' and 'Lookup tool' has intermittent focus issues.
  • 7621 : Actions Fixed Value field - Unable to use the "Select All" option.