Geolocation question type

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.2 or later
The geo location question type is used to get the latitude and longitude of the current user.
Geo location question type is for getting the latitude and longitude of the current user typically using a mobile device out in the field.
This question has only one additional property called “High accuracy” that is available under Properties tab. If this is on then the GPS will be used in the device if available. If it is off or there is no GPS available then mobile tower triangulation or IP address known locations will be used. This depends on the browser’s logic and is in order of accuracy.

Note that, IP addresses will mostly just give you the center of the town you are in.

Geo location answer has a property called “field” which selects which part of the coordinates you want. This property comes with three options "Latitude, Longitude", "Latitude" or "Longitude". The first option ("Latitude, Longitude") is the standard notation for coordinates and can be passed directly to other systems like Google maps.
This option will also not be formatted in the users culture for numbers it will always be in the format "0.0,0.0".

Produce/Windows App


Question displays as two text boxes for latitude and longitude which can be user entered numbers (mainly if you had an external GPS device).
There is also a button called “Use current location” that will capture the current user’s location.
Note that IE8 browser does not have geolocation functionality and getting the current location will always fail but they can be entered manually.

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