Workflow - Customizing the [ProjectLink]

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.2 or later
In versions of Infiniti up to and including 8.6.0.xx, it is possible to use [ProjectLink] when assigning workflow steps.
For example, in the email that gets sent to the assignee, [ProjectLink] would turn into this:
Additional control has now been provided over those pieces of text via "parameters" to the [ProjectLink], which can be added by using a | and an =.
The following "parameters" can be used:
  • ProduceUrl
This will replace the Produce part of the URL (the Guid’s of the project and workflow will still be used appropriately). This will most frequently be used if you happen to have two sites pointing to the same database.
Example: [ProjectLink|ProduceUrl=]
  • LinkText
This will replace the text of the link (i.e. the PROJECTNAME - STATENAME bit).
Example: [ProjectLink|LinkText=Click here to complete this task]
  • ProjectName
Name of the project (i.e. ProjectName = <<name>>)
Example: ProjectName=Geoff - 7.1 - Leave Approval - II
  • StateName
Name of the state to which the user is to be transferred to as part of this workflow (ie StateName=<<name>>)
Example: StateName=Leave Approval

Final URL Example

<p[[ProjectLink|ProduceUrl=http://<<server>>/Infiniti/Produce/|LinkText=Click here to complete this task|ProjectName=Geoff - 7.1 - Leave Approval - II|StateName=Leave Approval]]</p>
  • If Project Name or [StateName] is blank, the hyphen between them will not be added.
  • If Project Name and [StateName] are blank, or if the LinkText is blank, then only the URL will be returned (not the anchor tags).


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