Ink Question - Setting the background image and size

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.2 or later

Photos taken on devices are quite large. When they are uploaded as an Ink background they are too big to be usable and will stretch the page right off the screen.


There is a checkbox on an Ink question that enables the resizing of uploaded images. It only becomes enabled when the allow background upload is checked.

When checked, the resized image properties panel will be displayed - to allow the user to set maximum widths and heights. The image itself is actually resized to fit these dimensions so that is also the size that will end up in the final document (unless additional answer level properties are applied).



After the back ground image has been uploaded the image is resized on the server before its displayed to the user. If an image is still too big to fit on the screen, Produce will show a horizontal scroll bar so that the image can be seen without affecting the wizard layout.



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