Text Field - Currency type settings in Design & Produce

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.2 or later
Text Fields are able to set their data type to "Currency". This differs from the "Numeric" type in that it will auto format the value with a currency symbol and grouping symbols.

Note: Please note that from Infiniti v9 onwards the User Prompt question type has been renamed Text Field.

This feature is modelled after the Excel currency cell formatting.


The "Currency" Text Field type shows a couple of additional properties.

Symbol - This setting deals with the currency type involved. Entering 10 dollars is not the same as 10 pounds and a user will be entering in a specific currency which might not match their own (depending on their profile). The currency symbol list also has "none" - so that no symbol is displayed, a straight "$" where it is always displayed at the start of the number, then a list of cultures (some with the same symbol will display it a different locations), then a list of ISO 3 letter currency codes. The ISO codes are always displayed at the start with a space before the value.

Decimal places- This deals with the number of decimals to show. If the user enters less than this number it will be padded out with zeros. If Decimal Places is zero, then whatever comes after the decimal point will not be displayed.



Currency values will be displayed in the user's culture but with a fixed currency symbol and location. So thousands separators and decimal place symbol will change depending on the user. When the user clicks into the Text Field all formatting will be automatically removed. When they move onto another question (lost focus) the formatting will be reapplied. The values that go into document or displayed in a label question will always be formatted in the same way they appear in the text field itself. If the currency Text Field is referenced in a formula the raw unformatted number will be used and currency formatting will be lost.


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