Creating a form without a template document

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

While it is common to generate a document using an Infiniti form, it is becoming popular to use an Infiniti form to perform other tasks that don't require any document generation. For example, when building a business process that can be completed electronically. It is possible to create forms without including a template document, as outlined in the following steps.

Note - If you are familiar with older versions of Infiniti, the 'Form' project type no longer exists as from v8.0 onwards it is simply a matter of not including a document template in your form project.

From the create a new project screen there will be a ‘No document’ option, when selected it will create a project without any document template attached.

It is also possible to delete an existing document from a form project.

You can add another template simply by right-clicking anywhere within the Placeholders tab and selecting 'Add Template...', or via the menu by clicking Actions > Add Template.

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