iPAD Client - A basic user guide

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Infiniti 8.6.0.xx introduces the first version of support for the iPad (IOS V7.0.x onwards)

Installation Procedure


Project features that will not work in this version

The following project features will not be supported in the initial version of the iPad client due as part of Infiniti Release 8.6.0.xx:

  • Workflows
  • Datasource questions
  • Content Library Questions – Only Search type is not supported
  • Rick Text Box support

Consequently, those projects that have any one or more of these features will not be available via the iPad client.

Login and Logout

When you launch the iPad client, the login page is displayed as follows:

To connect, the user will need to provide the following details:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Produce URL (E.g. http://mysite.com.au/Infiniti_8.6/Produce


 To logout, click on the config button on the top left hand corner and choose “Logout” from the menu that is displayed….


Synchronizing Files

After logging in successfully, the iPad client should automatically re-synch the list of projects that are available to this user. There are also the following options available in the “settings” menu – see the diagram below:


Synchronize: This option re-synchronises the list of available projects for the logged in user. Occasionally, this option may be required when a new project has been published but the iPad client has not re-synched via a re-login activity…


Load All Projects: Same as “Synchronise”…


Load Recent Projects: This option will load the user’s available projects but in order of the most recent first…


Ordering of Project List (Might be referred to as FORMS in a newer version)

After logging into the iPad Client, there are 2 ways to order the list of displayed projects.

Alphabetic Order: To order the projects in alphabetic order, click the “A-Z” button found at the top right hand corner of the iPad client:


Project execution order: To order the projects with the most recent executed ones first, click the “Recent” button found in the top right hand corner of the iPad client: 


Project Status & Answer Files

In the iPad client, the following buttons at the bottom of the client will direct the user to:

  • In Progress Projects;
  • General Projects screen;
  • Saved Answer files;
  • Generated Documents list


Project Navigation

In the iPad client, the following buttons appear and their purpose and function are as follows:

General Navigation: General form navigation is achieved by the “Back – Home – Next” buttons as shown in the image below:

NOTE: Screen to be updated........ Old screen capture

  • Back: Move back a page;
  • Home: Move to the Infiniti Client Home page;
  • Next: Move to the next page in the project.


Project Progress: Once the user has opened/commenced a project, the following buttons helps display the status of the project and also gives the user the ability to save the progress…

Saving Progress: The second button (red) will allow the user to save the progress of the project – for future completion…


Old screen...

Project Structure: the first button (white) will allow the user to get a visual image of the number of pages constituting the project and also indicate which page the user is currently on:

Old screen...

Repeating Sections: General form navigation is achieved by the “Back – Home – Next” buttons as shown in the image below


The 3 buttons perform the following within the relevant Repeating Section:

  • PLUS – Add a new row in the repeating section
  • DOWN ARROW – The Fill-Down button to duplicate the previous row in the same repeating section
  • BIN – Delete rows in the repeating Section


Tips and Tricks

In the iPad client, the following buttons appear and their purpose and function are as follows:


Using the INK Question type:

General form navigation is achieved by the “Back – Home – Next” buttons as shown in the image below



With the iPad client, content library items supporting “image uploads” are supported.  In such a scenario, it’s possible to take pictures and then attach them to a project as normal. However, this will not work if you’re trying to attach things like Document fragments, etc.


Repeating Rows with multiple columns:

Projects with repeated rows which have multiple columns need to be configured for the iPad App as opposed to being designed for PRODUCE and then ported to the App.


In the example described (Project - Geoff - iPad - AutoLogic_in_Repeating_Section at http://hosted.intelledox.com/IxQAT/), we have A Group Logic question with 2 answers – “THIS User?” and “OTHER User?”


When neither are selected, only 4 columns will be displayed in the repeating section. When even one of them is selected, a 5’th column is added (Project - Geoff - iPad - AutoLogic_in_Repeating_Section at http://hosted.intelledox.com/IxQAT/).

Since there are a maximum of 5 columns, the column widths need to be configured using the column percentage settings. Each column is set to a maximum of 20% so that all 5 columns fit within the 100% display real estate:


Within each column, all user prompts should be set to a maximum number of pixels – in this example, pixel vales of between 150 – 170 for each user prompt are sufficient to prevent displayed columns from overwriting each other:


On the iPad client, this will display as follows:


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