Release Notes - Infiniti 8.6.0

Applies to Infiniti v8.6 onwards

What’s new: Infiniti 8.6.0

Infiniti by Intelledox helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape. 

Infiniti by Intelledox seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Compuware Changepoint.  Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticated rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

Infiniti 8.6.0 takes Intelledox’s solution set to the next level. This is a product release that delivers significantly enhanced functionality, speed and user experience over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 8.5).

Infiniti 8.6 features

Infiniti 8.6 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti – V8.5.0.xx:

New Produce UI:

This version introduces a new and more visually appealing Produce User Interface (Produce UI). The Visibility factors take into account human factors and express a strong visual identity. The new Produce UI introduces:

  • Improved consistency, screen layout and navigability
  • Economies of simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis
  • Enhanced ability to communicate clearly by simplified readability, typography, symbolism, multiple views, and colour.


  • Manage and Design retain their original UI’s – this update is only applicable to Produce.
  • Upgrades of earlier versions of Infiniti which have  “Custom Produce UI’s” is not recommended with Infiniti version 8.6.0.xx.


Multi-Tenant Management Portal:

New tenant provisioning is now comprised of three steps – namely:

  • Tenant Creation
  • Licensing
  • Importation of sample templates.

Tenants page

  • It has additional columns, which can now be sorted in ascending/descending order. By default list is sorted by tenant name is ascending order.
  • Also there is an option to show/hide deactivated tenants.
  • The expired licenses are shown in red colour to highlight them.
  • Cross-site scripting issues have been handled.


Edit Tenant page

  • New features like Reset password and disable user have been added.
  • Also functionality to create a new tenant admin for a tenant has been added.
  • Password basic validations and also password validations based on settings like min length, password history and complex passwords have been added on all related pages. However while creating a new tenant, we just check whether password is of min length 8.
  • User cannot create/edit a tenant with name 'default'


Licensing page

  • When a new tenant is created, license holder name is defaulted to tenant name.
  • Checks for validating License Holder duplication is done.
  • The Import Templates option is only available if this page is re-directed from the New Tenant page, else Import Templates needs to be triggered from Edit Tenant page.


Importation of Sample Templates

  • This new functionality facilitates super-admins to be able to import existing published templates from the default tenant which have not yet been imported or created in the new tenancy.
  • Once you select one or more templates from the list box, and click Import, following are done:

- A 'Sample Projects' folder is created and mapped to the default user group.
- All related license checks are done to validate whether selected projects can be published to this new tenancy.
- Selected projects are imported to the new tenancy.
- The imported projects are published to the 'Sample Projects' folder and the publish properties are inherited from the default tenant's selected projects respectively.
- Also the Output formats for the selected projects are inherited from the default tenant are copied to the projects published in the new tenancy.

Additional features

  • On the Import Templates screen, if one or more projects have been successfully imported into the new tenancy, a list of imported projects is displayed to keep track of these projects are once imported, they do not appear in the available list to import.
  • The breadcrumb, means entire navigation path for a particular page just like in Manage, similar concept has been added to each MTMP page. It appears at the very top in the Main content area.
  • The default tenant can now be configured from Global_Options table. It is originally set to the default admin for every instance, but can be changed from the Global_Options table using an update script. This is the same tenant for which following apply:

- It cannot be edited from MTMP under Manage Tenants.
- The published projects of this tenant is used on the Import Templates screen

Associated articles


Anonymous user access for Multi-Tenant:

KB :


Support for IOS 7.x.xx:

Infiniti 8.6.0.xx introduces support for IOS 7.x.xx. An IOS compatible client is now available for use with basic projects. Details on how to download, install and use this IOS client is included in the following draft document (

Please note that this is a draft and on finalisation of the deployment process, an updated operations document will be made available for use.


Audit Trails:

Auditing capability has been updated to also include MTMP events.

The following list of events are audited along with parameters. The following sections need to be added to the relevant web.config file:

  • Add below under <configSections>

<section name="nlog" type="NLog.Config.ConfigSectionHandler, NLog" />

  • Add this entire section within the </configuration> section

<nlog xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <target xsi:type="Database" name="Logger" keepConnection="true" useTransactions="true" dbDatabase="Logger" commandText="INSERT INTO AuditLog (DateCreatedUtc, IPAddress, Event, UserGuid, UserName, ExtraDetails) values (@dateCreatedUtc, @ipAddress, @event, @userGuid, @userName, @extraDetails)" connectionString="">
       <parameter name="@dateCreatedUtc" layout="${event-context:item=dateCreatedUtc}" />
       <parameter name="@ipAddress" layout="${event-context:item=ipAddress}" />
       <parameter name="@event" layout="${message}" />
       <parameter name="@userGuid" layout="${event-context:item=userGuid}" />
       <parameter name="@userName" layout="${event-context:item=userName}" />
       <parameter name="@extraDetails" layout="${event-context:item=extraDetails}" />
  <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="Logger" />


New System Requirements List:

Infiniti 8.6 now supports the following OS versions:

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1
Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

 Web Server:
OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 / 2008 R2 SP1 / 2012 / 2012 R2
IIS: Microsoft IIS 7 + KB980368 / 8 / 8.5
Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1


Creating Content Projects without any document:

A new option 'No document' has been added for Document Content Projects and the same supported throughout the product.

  • From Design, when you open the New Project window, user can no longer create a Form Project, however we will still support existing form projects.
  • From Design, when you open the New Project window, 'No document' option should be available for Document Content Projects and if this is selected, irrelevant fields must get disabled.
  • Also all the text and instruction on the New Project window should be appropriately modified to reflect that this new option exists and also that form projects option has been removed.
  • When such a project is created, where there is no associated document, the word icon on the toolbar should no longer appear, also in the top Actions menu, only Add Template should be available.
  • In the Placeholders tab, right-clicking anywhere on the panel, should display only 'Add Template' option.
  • The Finish Page Properties, should have the appropriate label text and default text for the Submit/Generate Button text, Submitting/Generating Text, Finish/Download Page Title fields.
  • This new project should run successfully in Produce, even with Actions etc.
  • The Download page in Produce should render correct information like it shouldn't show the Download option and list of files etc.
  • From Design, when the Add/Change Template options are clicked, they display the New Project window itself, this time is should have not included the 'No document' option.

Knowledge Base:


New Action Attribute (Run Action When/Show Action When):

A new attribute 'Run Action When' has been added to the Action Properties Panel for an Action that supports Run, with the default as 'Run on Generation Success'.
Similarly, a new attribute 'Show Action When' has been added to the Action Properties Panel for an Action that supports UI, with the default as 'Run Always'.

  • The four options for these 2 fields are 

- Always (0)
- Never (1)
- On Generation Failure (2)
- On Generation Success (3)

  • When these are configured in Design, if they are not the defaults, they are added to the project template under the appropriate Action node.
  • When running actions in Produce, they would now be executed conditionally based on when are configured to do. Both supportsRun and supportsUI actions follow the below logic:

- Always - They will always be executed
- Never - They will never be executed
- On Generation Failure - They will only be executed if there was a document generation failure/error
- On Generation Success - They will only be executed if there was no document generation failure/error

Knowledge Base:


Advanced Logic for Mandatory Questions:

  • On the Question Properties Panel, the Mandatory check box has been changed to a drop-down list containing options: No, Yes, Conditional.
  • If the 'Conditional' option is chosen, a hyper link appears besides this field, clicking this link will take the designer to the Conditions Panel, highlighting a new introduced condition type 'Mandatory'.
  • The designer can define Mandatory conditions for this question and when running the project in produce, mandatory validations are triggered based on these conditions. 
  • If mandatory option is chosen as yes/no, they are evaluated like wise, also if option is 'Conditional', but no mandatory conditions are defined, question is treated as being mandatory.
  • Mandatory conditions can be designed based on questions/answer values OR a state value.


Forgotten Password functionality in Produce:

On the Produce login page, a new link (Forgot Password?) has been added.

  • On clicking this link, a new page is displayed. This prompts the user to enter their username/email address. If the username has already been provided on the login page, and then this link is clicked, it auto-populates the field on the “Forgotten Password” page.
  • Checks have been performed to verify that a user is found based on the input provided. The checks ensure only a single user is found, and a valid email address exists for the user.
  • Once these checks are complete, a random password is generated taking into account the present password policies for the business unit. For example, if the minimum length of the password is expected to be less than 8 characters, the password generated is at least 8 characters long, else whatever length has been specified.
  • The generated password is then emailed to the requesting user with relevant details. The user is redirected to the login page with an appropriate success message confirming that password has been reset and emailed to the user.

 Note: The User will be forced to change his password on next login. And from there on it will work as usual.


New User Accounts – Hash format:

Infiniti supports 3 password hash formats. The original one was a straight SHA256 hash (#1), the one that superseded that which was a SHA256 salted hash (#2) and now a new one based on PBKDF2 (#3). All newly created user accounts or changed passwords will be created in the new hash format (#3).

The current format is PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA1, 256-bit salt, 256-bit key, 1000 iterations.


Local Produce diagnostics:

Produce now includes the “Glimpse” diagnostics tool. For security reasons, this feature can only be enabled when browsing to the site as “localhost”.

To enable this diagnostic capability, go to produce/glimpse.axd and click the "Turn glimpse on" button. Then browse back to Produce and glimpse will be available at the bottom of the browser.

The mini view will show basic request and response information. Clicking on the "g" will show detailed information such as Timeline process, SQL statements called and time, Trace information from before and after data source and action calls.

To view requests during wizard use the History link on the right and Inspect the ajax calls.


Custom questions:

Infiniti 8.6 now supports the creation of Custom Question Providers. A Custom Question enables a partner/client/support to define a new Question Type to go into a project.

A new Custom Question Type can be defined in the web.config, by adding it to the ‘customquestion’ provider section. One Custom Question Type has been included by default, but is mostly just for testing purposes, so it needs to be added manually. This is a PasswordQuestion. To enable it, add the following to your web.config:

          <add name="Password" type="Intelledox.CustomQuestion.PasswordQuestion, Intelledox.CustomQuestion" />

Once the Custom Question Provider has been defined and added, run Design. The new Question Type will be included in the Toolbox on the left. It can be added to a project just like any other question type. Answers can be added to the Custom Question, but the user must select an Output from the Output dropdown on the Answer Properties tab before the Answer will do anything. The Outputs in the dropdown are defined by the Custom Question Provider.

Once Custom Question Answers have been defined with an Output, they can be referenced just like any other Answer type. In the case of the PasswordQuestion example, the "Value" Output will just return whatever the user typed into the field.

A Custom Question Provider can define its own interface to appear in Produce. In the case of the PasswordQuestion, it just appears as a User Prompt, but when the user types, the user can't see whats being typed.


Additional points of note

    • <customquestion> section will be added to web.config on upgrade
    • Projects with Custom Questions will not appear in Windows/iPad apps
    • Custom Question can be used as a Condition parent
    • Validation on Custom Question Inputs - checks mandatory inputs have been added and also validates Fixed Value text for invalid question references
    • If the output type of a custom question is an image, then the Image Properties panel appear on the Answer Properties tab when that output is selected
    • Custom Questions will not appear in the right click menu


Form activity (workflows):

Produce Users can now view a list of workflows that they have been involved with - as opposed to only ones that are directly assigned to them. Traditionally if user-A submitted something for approval to user-B, user-A has no way of knowing what state it is in until user-B has actioned it. In summary the feature allows users to see where a task is up to. This prevents users from creating multiple workflow.

 It is also possible to examine a particular workflow to see the steps it has been through to get where it is currently at.

 The Form Activity option is viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the screen.

Form Activity “Publish Option”:

Forms will only appear on the Form Activity page now if they have the "Show Form Activity" Publish option turned on.
The option is OFF for all existing published projects, but for any new projects the option is ON by default.


User Prompts – Password Data type:

In Design, "Password" has now been included as a new option in the Data Type dropdown for User Prompts.

 Setting a User Prompt as a Password will have the following effects:

    • When typing into the password field, the characters will be hidden
    • When being redisplayed the password field will always show 6 characters, if there's more than one character typed in (they're #s behind the scenes). The value of the question will remain unchanged (whatever the user typed in). Pertinent to the Web version only.
    • If you type into the field, and then leave it (resetting it to ######), the next time you type a character the field will be cleared (preventing people from pressing backspace and then typing something and ending up with their password being "####ri" or similar). Again, web version only.
    • The value of the password field will be encrypted in the Answer Files, but if you put in a question reference the reference will be unencrypted (such as if you're passing the password to an Action).


Feature updates and changes:

Infiniti 8.6.0.xx introduces the following changes and/or updates to existing functionality:

  Group Logics can have “same page” parents

    • Group Logics now support same page parents.

    Validator question

    • Validator question can validate the responses of other questions. The 'message' (the question text) will display if the conditions of the validator question are not met. The clause designer behaves similarly to a condition clause designer where you have any of and all of nesting.

    Data Source connection strings and user names are encrypted in the database

    • In earlier versions of Infiniti, for data source details in the database, the connection string and user name were in plain text. Often the connection string would include username and password details.
    • These two fields are now encrypted per business unit so that secure information cannot be leaked.
    • The connection string that is exported out to xtf's is also now encrypted.

Preview returns the document directly if there's only one generated document

    • If there is only one document generated and the user clicks “Preview”, Infiniti 8.6.0.xx returns that document straight to the user, rather than having the document list returned (will save on clicks).

Document to PDF publish option to create outlines

    • On the publish page in Manage there is a now a new pdf option called "Create Outline". It is only supported for documents and not the remaining file types.
    • During generation a PDF bookmark list (outline) will be created from document headings. It will be viewable along a left hand side of the page in Adobe Reader.

Zero row repeats will now remove the contents of their placeholder during generation

    • With powerpoint slides, all of the document generations will now remove the contents inside the repeat placeholder if the repeat has no rows. This also removes the need to have another auto logic question that will perform this action.

            Cookie cannot be used after logout in Manage

3'rd Party utility updates

    • Telerik Version (Q3.2013).
    • Aspose.Words (14.3.0)

Upgrade Warnings:

  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported as Design or web server operating systems
  • QuestionPropertiesPanel split in code
  • Action/Escalation Attributes have been consolidated
  • Sign off question type removed
  • Retention settings for log records and workflow


Performance improvements:

The following performance improvements are available with Infiniti 8.6.0.xx onwards: 
  • Improved performance of postbacks containing user prompts with question reference defaults
  • Improved performance of tag placeholder processing by around 50%
  • Improved performance of multiple xml data source questions all using the same xsd
  • Improved memory usage during xtf export from Manage