Text Field- Password Data Type

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

   Note: From Infiniti v9 onwards User Prompt has been renamed Text Field.

Text Field now supports a new type - Password Data Type.

In DESIGN, open any project and add a Text Field.  For passwords, it can be configured via the Data Type Pulldown:

Complete the remaining part of the Text Field as normal;

In PRODUCE, Setting a User Prompt as a Password will have the following effects:

When typing into the password field, the characters will be hidden

  1. When typing into the password field, the characters will be hidden
  2. When being redisplayed the password field will always show 6 characters, if there's more than one character typed in (they're #s behind the scenes). The value of the question will remain unchanged (whatever the user typed in). This is presently available in the Web version only.
  3. If you type into the field, and then leave it (resetting it to ######), the next time you type a character the field will be cleared (preventing people from pressing backspace and then typing something and ending up with their password being "####ri" or something similar). Again, this is presently in the web version only.
  4. The value of the password field will be encrypted in Answer Files, but if you put in a question reference the reference will be unencrypted (such as if you're passing the password to an Action).



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