Show Form Activity Publish Option

Applies to Infiniti v8.6 or later

Show Form Activity Publish Option

For new workflow projects created in 8.6 onwards, there is a new option available that displays “form activity”. This is a flag that is set on the Publish page. Its main purpose is to display the status of workflow forms as they transition between states. On completion of the final transition for the specific project, it will no longer be available in the "Form Activity" page as it is now completed. 

To check the status of this flag for each published page, perform the following steps:

Go to Manage-> Projects;
Select the project from the list and then select the publish option;
Choose the “Publish Options” menu item;

There, the user can select or de-select the “Show Form Activity” flag;

Note: For pre-existing WorkFLOW Projects, this flag will be OFF by default. Only new projects will have it set to ON by default.

Run a sample workflow project and then complete the first transition;
The ‘Form Activity’ tab will now be displayed in Produce….


Selecting the “Form Activity’ tab will then display the following detail page:





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