Filter fields, custom fields and display fields explained

Please note that from Infiniti v9 onwards Key Field has been renamed Filter Field.

Filter Field

A Filter Field is field that you would filter records by. For example: ID, CustomerNumber, TransactionDate etc. The fields specified as Filter Fields appear in Design within the Data Filters Tab.

Display as Filter Field Check Box

If you're using a data source search question, Filter Fields can appear in the Produce interface allowing end users to search for particular record(s). Use this check box to configure this field as such.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are generally associated with XML data sources and allow data to be filtered by a parent node or attribute. For example when accessing the <AddressMail> node from the following XML structure, a custom key field can be used to ensure only the address according to a particular <customerID> is selected.





      <addressLine1>123 Fake Street</addressLine1>






      <addressLine1>321 Long St</addressLine1>




Display Fields

Display fields allow the administrator to specify which fields will be seen by the end user in Produce when the ‘Search’ Display type is used. This feature is useful for hiding unnecessary or sensitive information.


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