LogGeneration option of the GenerateWithData Web Service

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

Infiniti is designed to keep comprehensive logs when generating documents, useful for auditing, troubleshooting etc.

When a document is generated at a high level there are two groups of data kept by default:

  1. General information such as what project, who, when, successful etc.
  2. The raw data received via the web service or collected by a web form that was used to generate the final document.

The who and when styled data must always be stored, otherwise there is an avenue for someone to maliciously generate documents undetected. However there are some valid reasons as to why you would not save the data used to generate the document:

  • The data is sensitive and should not be stored by another system.
  • The data is stored elsewhere and is a waste of disk space.

With the above explained the logGeneration option when set to false will record the who, what and when but will not store the raw data used to generate the final document. Conversely when set to true will save everything. 


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