Password Settings

Applies to Infiniti v8.5 or later

Password Settings

Infiniti provides several password settings for improving security. Different password settings are:
1.       Enforce Minimum Password Length – Sets the minimum length requirement for passwords.
2.      Lock Out Users For 5 Minutes After Invalid Password Attempts – Prevents users from logging in for 5 minutes after a number of invalid password inputs.
3.      Enforce Password History – Enables storing a certain number of passwords to prevent password reuse.
4.      Enforce Password Expiry Enables password expiry and request password change after certain number of days.
5.      Enforce Complex Passwords – Ensures that the password contains upper/lower case, digit and special characters.Password must not contain username and any other similar combinations of username(note that it is available from onwards).


How to enable data encryption
1.     Navigate through Manage > Settings > Security Page
2.     Tick the required password settings and enter values where required


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