Password Settings in 8.5 onwards

System Settings - Applies to Infiniti v8.5 or later

Password Settings

Security has been enhanced in Infiniti 8.5 with the upgraded password settings panel. 

The Password Settings panel can be accessed in Manage-Settings-Security (as shown below):

The following options are available:
  1. Minimum Password Length (Default 0);

  2. Number of failed logon attempts before user is locked out for 5 minutes;

  3. Number of passwords maintained in history for each user;

  4. Number of days before password expires;

  5. Complex Passwords - must contain upper/lower case, numeric and special characters;must not contain username and any similar other combinations of username.

  6. Encryption of answer files and project definitions in the database;

  7. Time to wait in seconds before successive logon attempts;

  8. IP lockout after a configured number of failed logon attempts;

  9. Duration of IP lockout.