Applies to Infiniti v8.5 or later


The Ink Question Type empowers the end user to handwrite content over a designated area on the e-form.

The Ink Question Type can be applied onto an e-form in two ways.

1.     To prompt the end user to handwrite something on the e-form; for example: to enable the end user to digitally sign on the form.

2.     To provide the facility to upload an image that can then be marked/highlighted/commented on, using a digital handwriting tool (like stylus or the mouse-pointer).

a) Design

How to use Ink Question Type on a form

1.     Drag and drop the Ink Question  from the toolbox and name it.


2.     Set the required properties from the Properties tab of the question.


The 2 unique properties for Ink questions are:

a.      Background Image: Enables the form designer to upload a background image to the response area of the question.

b.      Ink Color: Specify the color for the writings.

How to set the Background Image

1.     Click on the ellipsis button to the right of the ‘Background Image’ property.


2.     Navigate to the location of the image and open it.


     The selected image will appear in the blank space provided.


3.     To make the background visible in the output document, tick the Include background in result checkbox. To allow the user to upload a background image during the project run-time, tick the Allow background upload checkbox.

How to set Ink Color

1.     To go the bottom section of the Properties tab of Ink.

2.     Select the required color from the drop-down list of the Ink Color property.


3.     To allow the user to choose the ink color during the project run-time, tick the Allow ink color choice checkbox.

b) Produce

1.     Open produce and run the project. The following images shows the design outputs.

a.      If no background image is provided.



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