Using the "Find" icon

Applies to Infiniti v8.3 or later

Find icon added to the design toolbar

Infiniti has added a new Find element to the toolbar. This element enables the users to search for a particular item in the design mode of a project. Even though, the function of the Find element is not new in Infiniti and was available in the previous versions, not many users were aware of it. Infiniti version 8.3 has made this feature more usable by placing it on the toolbar, within the Infiniti design interface.

In the design interface, the Find option is represented by the  icon and can be located on the main horizontal toolbar. 



On clicking the Find option from either of the locations, the Find pop-up window appears.

The Find window presents an array of filters to narrow down the search.

To perform a search using the Find window:

1. Select the item type to search for, using the ‘Item’ drop-down list. The items that can be searched using the Find window are – Placeholders, Questions, Answers, Layouts, Content Items

2. Select the attribute to search for, using the ‘Search on’ drop-down list.

Note: ‘Search on’ is a dynamic drop-down list, which shows either ‘Name’ or ‘Id’ or both the options; based on the ‘Item’ selected by the user.


3. Specify the ‘Name’ or ‘Id’ (as previously selected) to search for, in the ‘Find what’ textbox.

4. Click on the ‘OK’ button.

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using find icon design toolbar search interface