Applies to Infiniti v8.3 or later
The editable condition enables users to reserve and restrict the editable rights for specific state(s) in a work flow. This means that a question type which has been conditioned as editable for a particular state will be visible as read-only in every other state in the workflow.

In order to use the editable condition:

1. Click on the question (which needs to be conditioned) within the question set.
A set of attributes, arranged within five tabs appear to the right column of the question set.

2. Click on the conditions tab.

3. Under the conditions tab, select the ‘editable’ option from the ‘Conditions For:’ drop-down list.

4. Select the ‘State’ option from the ‘Type:’ drop-down list.

Notice that on making the above selection, the ‘Question:’ and ‘Answer:’ drop-down lists disappear and the two drop-down boxes for the ‘Comparison’ condition get populated.

5. Configure the ‘Comparison’ by selecting the operator and the state respectively from the two drop-down boxes and click on the ‘Add’ button.

For more help on comparison configuration, refer to the Defining Conditions article.

Note: It is possible to specify an ‘editable’ condition for more than one state in the workflow by using ‘Any Of’ group condition.

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