Infiniti data sources

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later


‘Infiniti’ Data sources are now available. This is a simplified OLEDB Date Source that has access to the Infiniti Database. (For more information about connection type see article Data Source Connection>).

Step 1:

In order to create an ‘Infiniti’ data source, navigate to ‘Data Sources’ located on the left pane in Manage. Click the ‘New Data Source’ button and enter a ‘Data Source Name’ in the given text box. Choose the connection type to be Infiniti from the drop down list (This creates a connection to the user internal database). Click ‘Test Connection’ button to test the connection and if it is successful save the data source using the ‘Save’ button


Step 2:

Once the connection is successful, create new data objects for the ‘Infiniti’ data source using the ‘Data Objects’ button.



‘Infiniti’ data source provides four different types of Objects that a user can choose from a drop down box. The four different Object types are as following:

  • User ( Infiniti Users and Address table)
  • User Group (Infiniti User Group table)
  • Project (Published Content Project Name table)
  • Task History (Workflow Task History)

Select a ‘Object Type’, provide an appropriate ‘Display Name’ in the textbox given and click the ‘Save’button which will save the selected object.

Step 3:

Once the Data Object is created, the user is able to edit the data object by Adding or Removing key fields from the Object Type. Note that the key fields removed will not show up in Design and Produce. Click the ‘Save’ button to Save the changes in the data object.

The created ‘Infiniti’ Data Source and Data Objects can now be used in Design.


The user now has access to the Infiniti database in Produce


Note: The Workflow will not be visible until the project has been submitted.


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