Display Fields tab for Data Source questions

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later

There is a tab called 'Display Fields' for Data Source Questions. This tab is only enabled when the ‘Display Type’ in the properties tab is either ‘Search’ or 'Popup Window'. But when the ‘Drop-down List’ or ‘Auto Complete’ is selected as ‘Display Type’, the ‘Display Fields’ tab will be disabled. Additionally, the configuration of ‘Display Fields’ tab will not be saved as they do not need to be applied any more.


On the ‘Display Fields’ tab, ‘All’ is the default value making all Display Fields visible in Produce. ‘Custom' gives the option of choosing which display fields will be visible in Produce.


Note: Both Data Source 1 and 2 have the same properties but have different display fields.

If ‘Custom’ is chosen in the Display Fields, this enables the user to create a customized list of display fields in a certain sequence using Add, Remove, Move Up, and Move Down buttons.

Adding the same display field will prompt an error message ‘That Display Field has already been added to the Question’ meaning that the user cannot add the same column more than once.

Note: Once the Display Type, Data Source, or Table/View is changed, the previously configured Display Field will no longer apply, so the list must be erased and the options be defaulted back to ‘All’. When the project is validated, relevant checks will be made to verify that valid display fields have been configured correctly. For more about Display Types read article Data source selection types and display types.

When the project is run in Produce, the data displayed should have the same column as what has been configured on the ‘Display Field’ tab. And the sequence of the column shown in Produce is the same as the sequence displayed in ‘Display Field’. For example, Data Source 1 has the Display Fields ‘Custom’ showing only Modified_By and Modified_Date in the same sequence, while Data Source 2 shows all Display Fields in the following screenshot.



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