Web Services Sample Application

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

This article introduces the Infiniti Web Services Sample Application, with included source code, to show how easy you can integrate with Infiniti using its Web Services API.

Infiniti provides a range of Web Services to make integration of its key functions easier. These allow you to load all the published Infiniti projects, generate documents, or pre-populate an Infiniti web form.

The sample application includes:

  • Data files
  • Intelledox Project files
  • Solution files for Visual Studio 2010 (Visual Basic .NET)


Setting up the sample files

The sample application comes with two Infiniti projects that must be imported, and a data source that must be configured. Once set up you will be able to run the sample application in your environment.

Note: You must be running a valid instance of Infiniti v6.2 or newer. You must also have the Microsoft .NET Framework v4 installed. In order to open the source code you must have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.


  1. Download and extract the sample application zip file.
  2. In Manage import the two project XTF files in the 'projects' folder. Refer to the Manage Guide for instructions on importing projects.
  3. Publish the two projects to a folder.
  4. Copy the two files from the 'data' folder to a local folder on the web server, where Infiniti will be able to read them. You may need to see your IIS administrator or refer to Microsoft's documentation on setting the appropriate permissions on the folder.
  5. In Manage go to the 'Data Sources' area and click on the data source named 'CRM Sample Data'.
  6. Check that the connection type is set to 'XML'. If not you may need to configure the XML Data Source provider (see Installing the CSV and XML data source providers)
  7. Type the connection string to point to the XML and XSD files copied in step 4, for example
  8. Click 'Save' at the top of the screen.
  9. Test that the projects both open in Produce and generate documents.

Running the sample application

In the extracted application files, open the SampleIntelledoxWebServices.exe application from the 'SampleIntelledoxWebServices\bin\Debug' folder. The application will launch and open a form as depicted in the screenshot.


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