Reassignment Escalation

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later
Note: Escalations are triggered by the Infiniti Scheduler that must be installed and configured appropriately for your environment. For more information please see: Infiniti Scheduler Install



This escalation automatically reassigns workflow tasks to another user or groups after not having been completed within a specified timeframe.


How to create a “Reassignment” workflow escalation


Escalations are applied to a specific workflow state. For more information about how to create a workflow refer to the article (Creating and Maintaining Infiniti Workflows). In the steps below a leave approval workflow form was used. These steps are applicable to any other workflow.


1. Create or open an existing Infiniti Workflow and select an appropriate state. Ensure that the selected state appears in the properties panel as depicted in the screenshot below.
2. Click on the Escalations button.
3. Drag and drop “Reassignment” from the Escalations menu onto the Workflow diagram.
This adds the escalation action “Reassignment” onto the selected state.

Using the “Reassignment” Action

Escalation Tab


1. Click on Reassignment Escalation created in the steps above to reveal its properties.

The Escalation properties allow you to rename the escalation, choose when you the escalation to continue and configure the specific attributes for this type of escalation, namely who to send it to.


2. Optionally change the escalation name 

Like all Escalations choose an Initiate option . An ‘n’ days after and a on specific date example are depicted below.
3. Add the specific inputs for reassignment escalation such as who to assign it to and optionally comments
Depending on your requirements add a ‘Assign to Group’ or ‘Assign to User’ inputs. In the example below the reassignment escalation is routed to a ‘HR_Admin’ group, with some comments that will be visible in Produce Home.

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