Send Email Escalation

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later
Before continuing with this article, please note: Send Email Escalations functionality is disabled by default. To enable this functionality the Infiniti Scheduler needs to be installed on the Web Server which hosts your Infiniti instance.
Please setup the following before continuing with this article:
  1. Install the Infiniti Scheduler and
  2. Setup the project definition (A scheduled task that you setup in manage for your project).
This article will help provide further info on the initial setup:

An email escalation provides a mechanism to notify users of an unfinished workflow task. This can help eliminate delays and provide a sense of urgency to complete an assigned task on time and on schedule.‚Äč


How to create a Send Email workflow escalation

1. Select a State. You can do this by selecting a state in the States section or by clicking a state in the workflow diagram
2. Click the Escalation button.
3. Select Send Email in the action type pop up menu.
4. Drag and drop the Send Email action onto Leave Approval to apply the escalation action. 

Escalation Tab 


Escalation Name

As illustrated in the diagram above, this tab displays a section for renaming the escalation name. For example, change the escalation name from “Send Email” to “Manager Notification”.


This option determines how long to wait after transitioning to a state to trigger the escalation. 
  • Days After - How many days to wait before sending an emailThis can be set to 0 for an immediate escalation.
  • Week days check box excludes Saturday and Sunday from the "Days After" count down.
  • DateThe escalation will be triggered on this date


Email Attributes

This is where the following email attributes can be specified: 
  • Email body
  • Email Subject
  • Email CC 
  • Reply To 
  • Send to Assignee  - Note: Send to assignee defaults to true. Use this attribute to disable notifications to the assignee (By setting this value to false).

Data Type

Attributes can be specified by 
  • Answer value
  • Data source question value
  • Fixed value 


After an email escalation has been triggered, it will not run again unless the Recurring check box has been selected.

Recurrence pattern

This setting specifies how often the escalation should be re-triggered . It can modified to occur hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Range of recurrence

This specifies how many times a recurring escalation should run before it stops recurring. 
  • Occurrences - Stop running after X occurrences
  • After days - Stop running after X days 
  • On date - Stop running on a specific date
  • No end - Keep recurring until the workflow transitions from this state.


Specifying a condition for an escalation will determine if an escalation should be initiated. See the related articles for information on how to configure a condition.

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