Workflow notifications

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later

Workflow Expiry, now named Workflow Notifications has been redeveloped encompassing many new features. Whilst assignees will still receive notifications of new tasks, Version 8.2 will also send automated reminders if the task has not been completed within a set amount of time.

Single or multiple notifications can be configured on a one off or recurring basis.

How to create workflow notifications

Notifications can be added to a workflow state via the workflow dialog in Design. Use the add button to create a notification and configure its settings as described below.

Notification Tab

The Notification Tab allows you to set a meaningful name for the notification and specify after how many days the notification becomes active. Use the Working Days Only check box if the notification should ignore weekends.


Properties Tab

The Properties Tab allows the user to specify the content for the notification email. The email can contain HTML and references to the project where needed.


Recurring Tab

The Recurring Tab allows notifications to be sent multiple times until the task has been completed. The frequency of the notifications can be configured to suit the business process.

The Recurrence pattern controls how often the notifications are sent. Whereas the Range of Occurrences controls how many notifications are sent.

Conditions Tab

If notifications are not always needed the Conditions Tab can make the notifications active or inactive as needed by the business process.


Available from V9.1 onwards...

A new "Current User" has been added to the Notifications section options.



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