Customize submitting/submitted message

Workflow - Applies to Infiniti V8.2 or later

Customize Submitting/Submitted Message

1.       An overview can be obtained by referring to the below article in order to know how to create a Work Flow transitions, Create an Approval Process
2.       Once we have an overview of the instructions mentioned in the above article then we will be having a dialogue of Work Flow Transition.

3.       After getting to that dialogue menu, then look for “Display Options ” tab.

4.       Click on the arrow that is coming from Leave Approval to Processing

5.       Once on the Properties Tab, it now will show the dialogue on the right hand side.


6.       Scroll down and it will show the Display Options.

 7.       There are three labels and text options for the users to type their preferred messages, those three options are;

                   o   Submit Button Text
                   o   Submitting Text
                   o   Responses Submitted Text

An example of a message that will be shown to a user, while their content is processing or processed which is shown below.

8.       The demonstration has been shown in the figure 6 and 7 to conclude this section.
                                                                         Submit Button

                                                          Message while content processing


                                                           Message when content processed.


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