Release Notes - Infiniti 8.2

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later


Version history upgrades

Project locking & unlocking

When a project is open from Design, it is automatically locked to that user. When a project is closed in Design, the project is automatically unlocked. An administrator can view which user has currently locked the project in Manage under Edit Project. An appropriate message must be displayed and disallow any other user to access the project.

 Force Project Unlock

To unlock a project that is locked when the user is unavailable. An administrator can then unlock the project by selecting the ‘FORCE UNLOCK’ link.

The administrator will then need to provide a reason to force unlock the project that is unavailable.




The reason that is stated to unlock this project can then be found in version history.

Version Details & History

Projects can have different versions. The details of each version are recorded with the Project Version in Manage. Previous versions of the project can be restored.


Project Versions

Project versions are initially saved as 1.0 for any new project. After a project is saved in the same user session, the project version will be called version 1.1, version 1.2 etc. Once the project is saved with a comment, the comment will be applied to major version of the project.



When a new project is imported, the next major version is applied. So if version 2.5 was imported, the next project version will become 3.0 to avoid any confusion and let the user maintain a new major project version. The same is then applied to a version that is being restored.

The version history displays the different versions of the project.

Version Histories


Project Import-Restore

A project is imported (Manage & Design) the users are prompted to add a project version comment. When Restore is done from Manage, an Auto Comment must be attached to the new version as 'Restored from version x'