Choose format of action documents

Applies to Infiniti v8.2 or later


Action documents can now have different formats In Design.  There used to be a Document drop-down list (for more information see Related Links below) which can generate documents on your action/s. Now, a ‘Format’ drop down list has been introduced to select a format for the action documents



There are different formats available for the type of document selected. If the format selected is Default/None, the document will be generated in the default format selected in the publish options in Manage. By choosing other formats, the documents are generated accordingly to the selected format for example, Microsoft Word Docx/Docm.


For a document of type File Selection Question/item, the format drop-down function will be disabled as it is no longer applicable.

For both a word and PowerPoint template, the populated formats are similar to the ones on Manage -> Publish project page.

Once a document and format is selected, the List view will display both of these in two separate columns as shown in the following screen shot. A selected document and format cannot be selected more than once, in that case the ‘Add’ button will get disabled.

When the project is executed in Produce and if specific documents have been selected, the document will only be sent to the action in that format.

Note that the action document format works for both Project Level Actions and Transition Actions.



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