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Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
For more advanced integration with SharePoint, contact your Infiniti representative for information on the SharePointConnector



Infiniti can be linked with Microsoft SharePoint in a number of ways.

  • As a content repository – Infiniti can draw content from SharePoint to use as content items from designer.
  • As a document storage point – Infiniti can automatically store documents created in a SharePoint library
  • As part of a page – Infiniti can provide a list of projects available to create from within SharePoint itself.
  • As links in a page to open from SharePoint.

Connecting the Infiniti content library to SharePoint:

This functionality requires a SharePoint licence key.

Infiniti requires an account that it can access SharePoint with. e.g. username USER, and password PASSWORD, Domain of LOCAL

The account should have permissions to access the location of the content you wish to use.

Add the following library provider to both Manage and Produce's Web.config files inside the library providers section.

        <add name="SharePoint" type="SharepointLibraryProvider, Intelledox.Connector.SharePoint" username="USER" password="PASSWORD" domain="LOCAL"/>


This will allow you to select URLs for images or content within SharePoint, and link them to the content library in Intelledox. To add a SharePoint document into the Infiniti content library, in Manage add a new content item and select "SharePoint" from the location drop-down. You will then need to provide the document's URL in the space provided. Each document you wish to add must be added individually in this manner, and can then be used by your Infiniti generated documents.

Enabling delivery of generated documents to SharePoint folders:

Add the following to Produce's Web.config file in the delivery provider's section.

        <add name="SharePointAction" description="Sharepoint" type="SharePointAction, Intelledox.Connector.SharePoint" username="SharepointRSS" password="Password#" domain="YOURDOMAIN" />

This allows you to send created documents to folders within SharePoint.

To set up projects to deliver to a SharePoint folder:

Add the following metadata elements to any project you wish to have delivered to Sharepoint.

#Sharepoint_documentLibrary - this is a text field that holds the URL of the sharepoint default path.

E.g. http://Localhost/sharepoint

#Sharepoint_folder1 this is the path name to the actual library you want the generated document to go to. It isn't a virtual path.

E.g. Documents/Created%20Documents

Intelledox Portal Page

Add a web part that links to ~/Intelledox/Produce/Portal.aspx as a page viewer web part.

To avoid having to see the web login page and then refreshing the web part to see just the list instead of all of producer, use Forms Authentication for Intelledox Producer and Director, but set the authentication for the winlogin.aspx pages to be both forms and windows authentication.

Ensure that you set up accounts in Intelledox for all users that use SharePoint, otherwise they will not be able to authenticate to see producer or director.

To add links to both producer and director, add links to a ‘links’ web part in SharePoint.

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