Unable to retrieve data source fields

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Your data source in manage displays 'unable to retrieve data source fields' even though you have a 'Connection successful' when you test the connection of your data source in manage. As well as this you are unable to view data fields in the Table/View of the Data Source question in Design.


The issue could be that the security credentials for the user in the SQL data source could be configured incorrectly. Check the security credentials you are using for the data source within the SQL data source below are steps to do this.

  1. Locate the catalog you are trying to connect to on your data source (e.g. Books)
  2. Click + to expand
  3. Navigate to the Security folder and click + to expand
  4. Select the Users folder and click + to expand

  5. Navigate to the user you are using to connect to the catalog (e.g. intelledox)
  6. Select to highlight > Right Click > Properties
  7. Within the Role Members box verify ‘db_owner’ is checked 

  8. Go back to the data source in manage and try to connect to the data objects it should now retrieve the data source fields.


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