Send to Email Action - Failing

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later


When the following error is received after Doc Gen:

Check the Management Console within Infiniti Manage, for error messages that may assist you in troubleshooting the email failure.

Basic errors can be rectified by simply supplying mandatory Action Attributes in Design that are missing. You will receive errors such as:



In other cases, you may have setup your Action correctly within Design, but there might be some environmental issues that are causing your Email Action to fail:



As you can see, this error does not specify that the error is within your Infiniti Action, it is simply stating that the:  Send Email Action has failed, due to: “Failure sending mail”; this is in fact the error returned by the service being used to send the email.



In this case, if you have access to the appropriate Server, check that the SMTP services are setup correctly. See Installing SMTP service for further information.


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