How to use {{Tag}} Placeholders

Applies to Infiniti v8 or later

A ‘Tag’ (also referred to as a placeholders, moustache, variable or field) is an international standard adopted by Intelledox Infiniti to mark a specific point or a section of a document. Tags can be used across a variety of formats such as Word, PowerPoint and XML.
Tags are indicated by double braces. {{surname}} is a tag, as is {{#surname}}. In both examples, surname is the tag name (or key). There are two types of tags used by Infiniti, one to indicate a single point in a document to insert a value or image and the other to indicate a section or range of content within the document such as a sentence, paragraph, chapter etc.

Insertion point Tag

Tags can be included throughout a document by placing double braces around an appropriate key throughout the document. Tag names can be repeated to include content in multiple places throughout a document.

Tagging Sections, Blocks of content, Ranges etc. within a document

Section tags are for situations where you want to mark a range of content within the document by indicating a start and an end point. The section will be included, removed or repeated based on logic from the question set. A section requires a start point and and end point (i.e. a start and end an end tag). The start tag must start with the # symbol e.g. {{#person}}  and the end tag begins with a forward slash e.g. {{/person}}.
In the Example below the {{#person}} begins a "person" section tag while {{/person}} ends it.

Marking Paragraphs or Chapters

Place the start and end tags at the beginning and end of the paragraphs respectively. Note the end tag should be after the paragraph marker so as not to leave an extra empty line.

Marking Table row(s)

Common for presenting multiple records from a repeating section or data source, a table row can be indicated by placing start and end tags at the very start and end of the appropriate row(s).

Marking symbols, terms, or images

Use a start and end tag around the content you wish to manipulate.

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