Tag vs. bookmark placeholders

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Intelledox Infiniti Version 8.1 saw the introduction of {{Tag}} placeholders for all document types. This international standard was adopted to overcome some subtle yet challenging shortcomings of bookmarks.

After their release Tag placeholders are regarded as the best practice technique within the Infiniti tool. This is so for reasons such as:
  • Tag placeholders can be used across all document formats such as Word, PowerPoint and XML.
  • A single Tag name can be used multiple times throughout a document whereas bookmarks can be used once. (E.G. FirstName_01, FirstName_02, etc.)
  • Tag bookmarks have clear start and end points, whereas multiple bookmarks can appear to stack upon one another or in rare circumstances not viewable at all.
  • Tag names are always visible in a document, no need to open a separate dialog.
  • It is possible to distinguish between Tag section and insertion placeholders over the bookmark equivalent, making selections easier in Design.
  • Tag placeholders preserve the look of a document whereas bookmarks can appear bare, for example an empty address block.
  • Tag names (keys) are more flexible than bookmarks.
  • Bookmarks are not turned on by default and need to be manually enabled by the user.
Despite their disadvantages, bookmarks will remain a supported placeholder technique and can be used according to preference.

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