Text field question type

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Note: that from Infiniti v9 onwards the User Prompt question type has been renamed Text Field.

The Text Field question is the most common question type. Users are provided with a basic text box to type a response to a question or instruction, as follows:

Text Field questions can also include validation rules, which prevent the user from entering invalid information. For example, a date of birth can be checked to ensure the person is over a certain age. For more information, see Text Field Validation article.

Text Field questions can be configured to accept a number of data types. By default the data type property is set to 'Text', allowing users to freely type their response to the question, and the Text Field supports the following data types:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Number
  • Email
  • Password
  • Currency

Setting a Text Field to accept only dates, numbers, email, or currency will cause a red validation error message to display if invalid information is entered, for example:


For dates, users are provided a calendar icon   which presents a date-picker.


When the data type is set to 'Password', the Text Field question masks the user's input.

A date field will accept a named date, e.g. ‘today’ or ‘Christmas’. Infiniti will convert these special names into real date values. For more information about named dates, see the knowledgebase article Named Date.

Document Preparation and Placeholders

Standard or labeled bookmarks or tags can be used throughout the document to specify where the Text Field responses are to be inserted.




How to create a Text Field question:

  1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a Text Field question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.
    Property Description
    Default Value Sets a default value for the Text Field when it appears in Produce. Default values can contain:
    • Any text including numbers or dates.
    • A named date such as ‘tomorrow’.
    • References to other questions.
    Data Type Set the data type to 'Text', 'Date', 'Number', 'Email', 'Password', or 'Currency'.
    Max Length The maximum number of characters that can be entered by the end user in Produce.
    Text Rows The number of rows that are displayed to the end user in Produce. By default only one row is displayed.
  2. From the Placeholders tab, drag and drop the necessary bookmarks or tags onto the answer.

Text Field Question Reference Defaults

Data collected by the question set can be reused as the default value of other Text Field questions. For example, a client’s surname could be the default for their partner’s surname. This process involves using a question reference as the default value.

In addition to referencing a Text Field question, it’s possible to reference a field retrieved from a data-driven question such as a data field. For example, if a customer’s details are retrieved from a customer database and used as the default values of Text Field questions, you can enable users to accept or change the retrieved data as needed prior to its inclusion in the document.

Default values can only reference questions that appear before the current question in the question set. To set up a reference, populate the question’s default value property with a question reference.

Text Field Validation

To ensure the quality of user input, Infiniti enables you to apply validation rules to Text Field questions. If the end user enters an invalid response to the question, Infiniti will display an error message. For example:


Infiniti provides three validation types as described in the table below.

Validation Type Description
Compare Compares a user’s response to a value, calculation or a preceding question. The compare feature could be used to ensure that:
  • an applicant is over a certain age
  • a price is between $0.00 and $1,000.00
  • a delivery date is no more than 10 days after the purchase date
  • a parent was born before their children
  • an order number begins with ‘ORD00’
Field Length Field length validation limits the question response to a minimum and/or maximum number of characters in length. This can be used to ensure a name is less than 50 characters long, or a code is exactly four characters.
Regular Expression Infiniti supports regular expression matches for complex data validations. For example, to ensure an email address is in the correct form complete with @ symbol.


How to create Text Field validation rules:

  1. Select the Text Field question you wish to validate and navigate to the Validation tab.
  2. Select a Validation Type from the drop-down list and enter an Expression for the validation. An expression can be a constant value, question reference, calculation, or regular expression. Some examples are provided below:
    Validation Type (Comparison)/Expression
    Greater than 100 Compare (Greater Than)


    Begins with ABC Compare (Begins With)


    Happened on or after 01/01/2000 Compare (Greater Than or Equals)


    Delivery date is after invoice Date Compare (Greater Than)


    Applicant is at least 18 years Compare (Less Than or Equals)


    Valid email address Regular Expression


    Note: that dates as expressions must begin and end with ‘#’ or they will be processed as a calculation with the ‘/’ being used as a division symbol. Also note that question references must reference a preceding question.
  3. Enter a meaningful error in the Message property otherwise a default message will be displayed. An error message such as ‘Value must be between 1 and 100’ is much better than ‘Invalid value’. Note: The Message property can include question references to build messages dynamically, e.g. '[q2] is an invalid date'.
  4. Click Add to store the validation rule.

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