Label question type

Applies to Infiniti v6.2.2 or later


The label question displays text and images in Produce but does not require a response from the user.

Document Preparation

If the label value is to appear in the document insertion or selection bookmarks can be used.

See screenshot below:



How to add a Label question

  1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a label question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.

    Property Description / Examples
    Visible Uncheck this property if the label is not to be shown in Produce, and used as a constant value.
    Label Text

    The actual label value, can contain text, question references, HTML tags and formulas for example:

    • Text: e.g. ‘My Label’
    • HTML Tag:  e.g. ‘<img src="images/logo.gif">’
    • Formula: e.g. ‘=concat(“Welcome ”, [Q1])’

    See screenshot below:

  2. Infiniti automatically adds an answer to the question. Set the properties as required.
  3. From the Placeholders tab, drag and drop any bookmarks onto the answer that are to be populated by the label text.
Note: While it is preferable to use a variable question, a label question may be configured as invisible in some cases. This is usually only done when passing URL parameters into the form. See: Passing parameters in the URL

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