Multiple choice question type

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions allow end users to choose between a fixed numbers of options. The possible answers can be:

  • Single Answer: users can see all options, but only select one. Single Answer options can be represented by ‘radio’ buttons, toggle buttons, drop-down list and likert scale.
  • Multiple Answers: users can see all options and select multiple. Multiple select options are represented by ‘check boxes’ or toggle buttons.

Multiple choice questions have many uses. As part of a question set they represent a decision point, and are often the parent to additional questions.

In the generated document, Multiple choice questions can remove irrelevant content or insert relevant content from the Content Library, based on the user’s decision.

When defining a Multiple choice question, each answer added becomes an available option for the user to select. Each answer also has an associated Hide Value property, which dictates whether selecting the option makes its associated content relevant or irrelevant.

Document Preparation and Placeholders

Selection placeholders are used to surround the content to be potentially removed if it’s not needed. In the example below, a bookmark surrounds each of the possible membership options. All but one of these will be removed in the generated document.


The example below shows a placeholder surrounding a block of content within the document that’s to be removed if it’s not needed based on a decision in a Multiple choice question.


Alternatively, if you are using the multiple choice question to insert a Content Library item, place an insertion or selection placeholder where the item is to appear in the document when the particular selection is made.

How to add a multiple choice question

1.   From the toolbox, drag and drop a multiple choice question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.


Description / Examples

Question Text

The text to display in Produce for the set of multiple choice answers

Selection Type

Used to choose between a single answer question or a multiple answer question.

Display Type

Chooses how the multiple choice question will be displayed.

2.   From the toolbox, drag and drop answers into the multiple choice question. Select each answer and set the properties as below.


Description / Examples

Display Text

The text to display in Produce for the user to select the answer. If this is left blank, there will be an empty space in the list in Produce.


If used to drive other logic, conditions, default values and auto answering, type text or numbers into the Value property by which this option will be identified.

For example, if this multiple choice is referenced in a formula, the Value property will be returned by the reference, and not the Display Text.


If checked this will make the answer selected by default.

Set selected from question reference

Set selected from question reference allows the answer to compare itself to another question to check whether it should be selected or not.

Single Answer selection type questions will share one default question between the answers while Multiple answer selection type questions can have different default questions for each answer.

3.   From the Placeholders tab, drag and drop the necessary placeholders containing the content associated with the answer.


How to insert Content Library items with multiple choice questions

Often a Content Library item will need to be inserted depending on which answer is selected within a multiple choice question.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 described above in How to add a multiple choice question.
  2. From the Content Library tab, drag and drop a content item onto the appropriate answer within the multiple choice question.
  3. Drag and drop a placeholder onto the content library item.


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