Address prompt question type

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Address prompt questions allow users to retrieve contact information from an address book within their Infiniti profile. The address prompt question type displays a fixed list of fields within three tabs, with a fourth tab presenting any custom fields that have been configured by an administrator.

Users can either select an existing contact from their address book, or enter new one.  New addresses can be saved for future use by ticking the ‘Add to Contacts’ checkbox.



Each user maintains their own address book and contacts cannot be shared. Users can, however, import and export their address book.


Creating Custom Fields

The custom fields which have been configured by the administrator will appear in the address prompt under the ‘Additional’ tab.


How to Create a Custom Field

1.   Open the ‘Custom Fields’ section in Manage



2.   Click the ‘New Custom Field’ button and the following page will open<



3.   Enter the title of the field, the field length and the type of the field (Text/Date/Image). The location should be set as ‘Contacts’ for it to be visible in the address prompt.


Document Preparation


Insertion or selection bookmarks can be used to include the data from address prompt questions throughout the generated document.






How to add an Address Prompt question

1.    From the toolbox, drag and drop an Address Prompt question onto a page, section column or tab.
2.    Infiniti automatically adds an answer to the new question. Set the answer’s properties as below.


Description / Examples

Address Field

The particular address field for the answer, for example Prefix. An answer must be created for each field.

3.    From the Placeholders tab, drag and drop any placeholders onto the answer that is to be populated by the address book field.

4.    Use the toolbox to add an answer for each address field that is to be included in the generated document.


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