Named Date

Product Feature - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Infiniti allows keywords to be used inside of date text fields to select certain dates. This is useful if the required date is unknown. For instance, Infiniti Produce can interpret a set of commonly named dates if a certain date is unknown.

For example, the "today" keyword may be used to input today's date.


Named Dates can also be used in Design as the default value for date text field questions and validation.

Available Named Dates

  •  Christmas
  •  Christmas eve
  •  day after tomorrow
  •  day before yesterday
  •  easter
  •  easter Sunday
  •  Friday
  •  good Friday
  •  last week
  •  last year
  •  Monday
  •  new years
  •  new years day
  •  new years eve
  •  new years eve day
  •  next Friday
  •  next Monday
  • next Saturday
  • next Sunday
  • next Thursday
  • next Tuesday
  • next year
  • past year
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • x-mas
  • x-mas eve
  • xmass
  • x-mass
  • xmass eve
  • yesterday



Note. This Feature is built into the Produce user interface and will only work for projects that are loaded into Produce. Fully automated projects that run outside of Produce should avoid this feature.